ETL Programmer/Analyst

Location: Ottawa, Ontario
Date Posted: 12-06-2018
Our Federal Government Client requires two (2) level 3 Programmer/Analysts with comprehensive knowledge of the Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) processes, specifically, with the Infosphere DataStage product. This knowledge must also include:
i) an understanding of the technical capabilities and systems currently in place, and;
ii) knowledge and experience of the BI Cognos suite.
These consultants must act as an SAP/BI ETL Developer, and must assist the BI team in delivering the functionality required for:
  1. b)  reporting of financial and HR related information; and
  2. c)  decision making tool.
The underlying tables and data within TEAM must be researched as part of this work.
3.1 These contractors resource must perform tasks and provide deliverables which may include, but are not limited to:
  1. 3.1.1  Provide monthly status reports.
  2. 3.1.2  Develop and build source to target ETL (data mapping).
  3. 3.1.3  Create data mart and/or data warehouse to be used for BI purposes.
  4. 3.1.4  Analyse and translate functional and business requirements into technical requirements, systems
    design and specifications.
  5. 3.1.5  Assist with business and functional requirements, estimates of effort and duration.
  6. 3.1.6  Collect, define, interpret and amalgamate end user requirements for BI to produce
    comprehensive functional specifications.
  7. 3.1.7  Liaise with TEAM functional analysts and the RCMP BI team.
  8. 3.1.8  Assist in developing SAP extracts to a data warehouse and with data transformation.
  9. 3.1.9  Analyse and provide options to resolve problems outlined by the analysts.
  10. 3.1.10  Clarify SAP table links and data mapping.
  11. 3.1.11  Provide recommendations on data architecture and hardware to support a Cognos 10.2 BI
  12. 3.1.12  Assist with finalizing the logic for extracting the SAP data.
  13. 3.1.13  Evaluate existing procedures and methods, identify and document database content, structure,
    and applications sub-systems, and develop data dictionary.
  14. 3.1.14  Define input/output sources, including detailed plan for technical design phase.
  15. 3.1.15  Ensure the integration of all aspects of technology solutions.
  16. 3.1.16  Conduct, assist with, and/or manage unit and systems tests.
  17. 3.1.17  Work with BI technical team, when necessary, to complete the design and builds.
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