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Senior Systems Administrator - WebSphere and MQ on Mainframe (L4)

RESPONSIBILITIES   Tasks/Technical Specifications Monitor and support day-to-day operations. Perform various mainframe software product installations. Execute maintenance and support services on various z/Series software products. Perform onsite support. Perform off site support (e.g., from a remote location). Perform on-call support. Configure and install application resources. Troubleshooting problems with infrastructure builds. System Performance improvements Analyzing and developing solutions to problems/issues/incidents and reporting the progress of tasks/projects to the immediate Team Leader, to MOD management, and Project Managers managing the projects/releases. Cooperation with SSC management in regard to knowledge transfer; establishment of a formal consultant knowledge transfer plan. Provide support to multiple partners/clients simultaneously onsite, remote, and/or on an “on-call” basis. Install, maintain, and troubleshooting production z/OS WebSphere Application Server infrastructure (including HTTP/IHS/APACHE Servers). Install, test, and maintain WebSphere servers and MQ series subsystems, in various mainframe z/OS development and production environments. Assisting in providing ongoing support of WAS and MQ for z/OS as it pertains to project objectives.  For example:  develop new WAS deployment managers and application servers , configure WAS Java Batch and Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) timers, install Application Resources in WAS for z/OS (DataSources, Queue Dests, MDB Listeners, MQ Publish and Subscribe, MQ Listeners, etc.).  Installing and configuring various monitoring or management tools such as ITCAM. Troubleshooting and debugging the above for performance and availability improvements as well as automate processes where required.  May include knowledge of various Application Performance Management tools, such as but not limited to Wily, for troubleshooting analysis. Maintaining in-depth technical awareness of project issues, project status, and future software upgrades/maintenance to WAS and MQ products. Participating in performance and system resource availability improvements as it relates to WAS, MQ, and CICS support.  Using automation as much as possible and developing Scripts for building and installing WAS servers in various states to reduce errors. Managing time and prioritizing work to meet the requested deadlines. Identifying performance challenges and implementing performance improvement and functional requirement strategies. Creating and maintaining documentation, such as but not limited to:  installation, maintenance, support, specification, architecture, build, backup/restore procedures. Monitoring of the service management ticketing systems and respond to Incident Requests (IR or INCs), Request for Changes (RFC or CRQs).    Adhere to SSC’s Best Practices for software maintenance and version upgrades, while following SSC’s Business Intake (BRD) processes and procedures. Maintaining and recommending enhancements to security posture. Making technical and procedural recommendations and enhancements.   Constraints The consultant must cooperate with SSC management in regard to knowledge transfer; establishment of a formal consultant knowledge transfer plan. Any training required will be the responsibility of the contractor, including training of new software in-discussion and/or newly implemented software. Provide support to multiple partners/clients simultaneously as/when required by SSC management, either onsite , remote, and / or on an “on-call” basis.   Deliverables Provide detail technical analysis, technical documentation, and make technical recommendations to SSC Management, pertaining to WAS/MQ on z/OS, in support of the Project objectives, which may include:  Building and Implementing WAS for z/OS Deployment Managers and Application Servers; including Federating AppServers.   Building and Implementing MQ Pub/Sub and MQ listener. Build new Mainframe labs. Configure WAS Java Batch and Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) timers. Apply software vendor patches (for WAS/MQ) on the M/F where needed to meet deliverable and timeline objectives. Support Mainframe CPU refresh activities, with respect to aforementioned software products. Create and maintain the following deliverables as required: Installation procedures. Maintenance procedures. Support procedures. Platform specifications and standards. Architecture design. Platform build strategy. Backup and restore procedures.   QUALIFICATIONS A minimum of ten (10) years experience working as a System Administrator with z/OS technologies. A minimum of five (5) years experience (within 10 years preceding the closing date of this bid solicitation) with Websphere/MQ series on the z/OS mainframe environment. Experience working in Visual Age PACBASE at a minimum of three (3) years within the last ten (10) years. Experience with CICS and CTG on z/OS or OS390. Experience in performing, installing and rolling out WebSphere/MQ version upgrades and/or fixpacks , on a mainframe host z/OS infrastructure.  (WAS version 5.0 or higher and MQ version 6.0 or higher) Experience building WAS Deployment Managers, WebSphere Application Servers including Federating AppServers on z/OS and on HTTP/APACHE Servers on z/OS. Experience (within 10 years preceding the closing date of this bid solicitation) with TSO/E, ISPF, SDSF, JCL and IBM utilities. Experience (within 10 years preceding the closing date of this bid solicitation) with various z/OS monitoring/debugging facilities (IPCS, RMF, SMF, and ITCAM). Experience as a user or software supporter with any of the following software/languages on the z/OS platform: TCPIP running on a Mainframe Network (z/OS communication Server). Mainframe Automation Software (e.g. SA390). CA SiteMinder ASA agent for z/OS. IHS (Http server V5R3M0) Web Servers (WS). Application Diagnostics ITCAM. Liberty Server. Java. Jython. Python. REXX. Experience (within 10 years preceding the closing date of this bid solicitation) with providing skilled technical assistance in WebSphere Application Development in planning, engineering, security and architecture. Experience working with users in order to confirm requirements of usage and providing best practice safeguards. Experience (within 10 years preceding the closing date of this bid solicitation) with SMP/E. Experience with Disaster Recovery or Business Recovery exercises on WAS/MQ on z/OS.  
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