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System Administrator Level 1

RESPONSIBILITIES   Prepare laptops: The resource will make physical modifications to the laptops. The resource will apply security stickers to the laptop to indicate that the necessary changes have been applied. Instructions and specifications for making modifications will be provided to the resource.   Test laptops: The resource will then test to make sure the laptop is fully functional and meets specifications and requirements. The resource will review the laptop under the guidance of an employee to ensure it has been prepared in accordance with specifications and requirements. In situations where laptop testing fails, the resource will provision a new laptop to the employee from existing stock.   Deploy laptops: The resource will provision the laptops to employees as directed. The resource will provision paperwork to be signed by employees to acknowledge receipt of device. The resource will review paperwork for completeness. The resource will provision new peripherals such as docking stations and headsets. The resource will answer questions related to the configuration and operation of the provided devices. The resource will record employee and assets details within asset management software. Prior to returning laptops, the resource may be required to administer a mandatory quiz to the end user, verify responses, and advise users on incorrect answers.   Day to Day IT Support: As required, outside of laptop deployment appointments. Respond to requests for service from employees virtually. Update details in asset management software. Deploy laptops and onboard new employees. Maintain organization of equipment stockroom. Image laptops using Windows image. Perform other routine IT Endpoint Support duties as required. Provision in-person service to end users for issues which cannot be resolved virtually, via prescheduled appointments. Accept hardware from departing employees during prescheduled appointments. Move equipment between stockroom and client service area.   QUALIFICATIONS The proposed resources must have a university degree at the Bachelor level in Computer Science, Engineering/Applied Science, Science or Mathematics. OR A community college diploma in Information Technology, Computer Technology, or Computer Science.   DURATION: 2 years.  
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