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Senior Database Modeller

RESPONSIBILITIES: Establish what data is already present in the database; Establish what are the interdependencies between the data sections; and Identify what sections of data are missing. Cross-check the existing data for accuracy; Review requirement specifications with stakeholders and subject matter experts to ensure that the requirements are comprehensive, clear, well structured, traceable, verifiable and feasible; Recommend changes to ACINT gathering procedures to fill in additional data gaps for future ship rangings and sonar performance figures (SPFs). Consolidate the data to establish the ACINT Database and make it compatible with plans for future systems; Provide briefing notes, issue analysis and expert advice to stakeholders; and Provide a methodology for maintaining and updating the ACINT database for specific applications. QUALIFICATIONS: Must clearly demonstrate experience in physical and military oceanography, including acoustic range prediction. Must clearly demonstrate experience in active and passive acoustic analysis. Must clearly demonstrate the ability to interpret vessel acoustic signatures. Must clearly demonstrate the ability to work with databases. DURATION: 1 year with possible 1 year extension
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